Seventh Grade:

Week 2 – (March 23-27)

1. If you have not already accepted the invitation for the Khan Academy sent to your school email via Google Classroom, please do so. I will be assigning work through this system.

2. Before jumping into a new topic, I want have you all complete the Unit on Basic Genetics by taking an open notebook test. In the Google Classroom you will also find a copy of the Chapter 5 Test on Genetics. Answer the questions on the Google Doc provided. This assignment is due on the 27th.

3. I have uploaded a PowerPoint on “Virus and Bacteria”. Start a new section in your notebook and continue with the same format of graphic notes at the beginning, followed by indentation notes. This assignment is due on the 27th. Over the next few weeks I want to develop the connection between Protein Synthesis, Virus and our Immune System response.

4. Please check your Google Classroom throughout the week for additional information such as support videos or links to support material as I find it.