Mrs. Gigi Young’s 3rd

Lesson Plans April 20 - April 24, 2020 Don’t forget!Mrs. Young’s WEEKLY HOUR Copper CONNECTION time. (Have your device ready, pencil and paper set up in a distraction free zone. PARENTS WELCOME!)

We are so proud that you are all able to access your lessons

on Mrs. Gigi Young’s … GOOGLE CLASSROOM!!!

You will be expected to complete these lessons and assignments

English Language Arts: FIND the learning video/lessons in GOOGLE CLASSROOM!!!

*BEING A WRITER (Video lessons and Writing Assignments)

*MAKING MEANING (Video lessons and Comprehension test by Sunday)

*20 Minutes of Daily Reading (Reading Log due by Sunday)

*Freckle Articles (alternate fiction/non-fiction. Pass score of 75% or+)

Math: Find the videos/lessons in GOOGLE CLASSROOM!

*Math - Think Central watch Video Lessons~ TURN in HOMEWORK./REMEMBER

*Math - Facts - Freckle practice as previously done in class - 2 strands of 4

Most of you are successfully into GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Please call Mrs. Young if having connection challenges. See helpful links on our Classroom Dojo. You can access Google Classroom through any device. If you have an iPad or a smart phone, you can download the app. If using a Chrome book or laptop, then, you need to click on the link below. Once your child clicks on the link below or downloads the app, please follow instructions on the Dojo helpful video. ONCE you have JOINED our classroom, you can easily access this from the DISTRICT HOME PAGE where you access CLEVER, FRECKLE, and THINK CENTRAL. If you are using a Chrome book or laptop, click on the link above. If you are using an iPad or a smart phone, you will want to download the Google Classroom app. When

MRS. YOUNG’s Google Classroom code is ajq5cbt

If having user or password challenges: Go to Dojo and use/print out the


I am looking forward to our meetings, together !!! Mrs. Y