Mrs. Handgis’ Lesson Plans

May 26th - May 29th

The purpose of these next two weeks is for your child to finish/turn in any late work.

If your child has completed all of their assignments, Great Job! Now your child can enjoy making flipgrids and please have them choose 2 home activities per day:

Flipgrid (One Each Day)

You will simply click the link below, enter your child’s email and then they follow the instructions. It is super easy and really fun.

If your child feels shy about recording themselves, then they can cover the camera, point the camera at a favorite stuffed animal/pretty scene, or a pet and/or family/friends can join them in their videos.


Tuesday: Favorite School Memory This Year

Wednesday: Home Activity Choice

Thursday: Would You Rather?

Friday: Virtual Show and Tell

Home Activity Choices

Each day choose TWO Activities (8 altogether for the week) from the list below:

    • Write a letter to an elderly relative or friend.
    • Help your parent or caretaker mow the lawn
    • Be in charge of your household recycling
    • Bake a cake using a cookbook or follow a recipe. Follow each step and measurement carefully.
    • Turn off the lights! Grab a flashlight and read in the dark.
    • Design your dream bedroom. Draw your design.
    • Make a video reading your favorite picture book.
    • Get outside! Build a ford, climb a tree, jump on the tramp, kick a ball
    • Have a paper airplane challenge with your family. Whose plane can fly best?
    • Help your parent or caregiver plan the grocery list for the week.
    • Hide five toys around your house. Create a scavenger hunt with clues for someone to find them.
    • Draw your favorite animal. Combine the features of two animals into one new animal.
    • Design a new cover for your favorite book.
    • Create a new smoothie or milkshake. Write out the recipe to try your new drink.
    • Create a collage with magazine cut outs.
    • Collect sticks, leaves, flowers and other items from nature and create an art piece.
    • Head outside and go for a bug hunt. Find an unusual bug or insect and draw it.
    • Look at an online supermarket website and decide what you would buy if you had $100.
    • Create your own board game.