Weeks of April 14th – April 24th

English Language Arts:

    • Project-Writing Portion - Instructions on Google Classroom
    • Scholastic News Articles/Worksheets (1-Close Reading Questions “Women’s Rights”, 2-Close Reading Questions “Coronavirus”, 3-Quiz Whiz) - scholastic / Google Classroom

Social Studies:

    • Project-History Portion -Instructions on Google Classroom
    • Ancient China-Articles from Lesson 4 and 5 (1-Qin Shi Huang, 2-The Qin Dynasty, 3-The Great Wall of China, 4-Han Dynasty:Expansion, 5-Han Dynasty:Economy) - freckle


    • 30 minutes of reading per day
    • Fever 1793 (Lessons with Mr. S reading Chapter 6-14 -Google Classroom)
    • Chapter 6-14 Questions-Google Classroom

(Remember, you can still take AR Tests during regular school hours!)

Physical Education:

    • Avenger’s Workout DAILY (4/14-4/17 and 4/20-4/24) -link to video on Google Classroom
    • No Internet = Our regular “Square Up” exercises (10 of each)
    • Article “Nothing Fresh in Sight”- Classroom


    • Project-Math Portion- Instructions on Google Classroom
    • Pages 541-560 - in textbook
    • Week 12 Countdown -Google Classroom
    • Week 11 Countdown -Google Classroom
    • Work on Mastery of Course (10 minutes a day) - Khan Academy


    • Project-Science Portion- Instructions on Google Classroom
    • Articles “Chemical Engineering” and “Chemical Reactions” - freckle
    • Article “Salt:The Rock we Eat” - Classroom

Please Check Google Classroom for feedback, announcements and/or adjustments to assignments.