Mrs. Tutthill - P.E.

Tutthill Lesson Plans 5/11-5/13

    • Begin your Health Assignment 5/12-5/22. Create your 7 day exercise program. Due Friday, May 22nd.
    • No Zoom this week. We will meet next Friday, May 22nd. 7th grade at 1:00 and 8th grade at 1:30.
    • 8th grade only- If you have not attended the last two Zoom meetings, you need to send me a picture of your completed workbook pages for lesson 11 and 12 in your Positive Prevention Plus workbooks. Please make sure you have parent signatures and that you send it to
    • Please take this time to look at infinite campus and check to see what you are missing in the gradebook. You should also check your Google Classroom to make sure that I haven’t commented on work or returned it for you to make changes to resubmit it.

Health Assignment 5/12-5/22

    1. Create a 7 day exercise program for the days of 5/12, 5/13, 5/18, 5/19, 5/20,5/21, and 5/22.
    2. Each day must consist of 60 minutes of warm-up, stretching(dynamic or static or both combined), and exercise combined for the time period.
    3. You must be specific with your exercise plan. Here is an example:

5/12 - Warm-up - 3 times 25 jumping jacks, 30 seconds butt kicks, 10 frog


Stretching - 12 shoulder rolls, 12 arm circles, 12 trunk rotations,

12 count on each leg quad stretch, 12 count each leg hamstring,

12 ankle rolls.

Exercise - 5 laps around my house, 50 burpees, 50 sit-ups, 50 lunges

    1. Everyday must be different from the other days.
    2. You cannot just write down a 60 minutes bike ride or 60 minutes run. You must have multiple exercises for your daily plan. You can have rounds, for time, or just repetitions. Just playing a sport or dirt bike riding does not count for this one.If you do yoga for a day, you must write down each yoga move that you would complete in the workout. Be creative!
    3. You are not actually doing the exercises in your plan. This is due Friday, May 22nd.