Mrs. Tutthill - P.E.

Physical Education Lesson Plans 5/4-5/8

    • PE Extra Credit 5/4-5/8
    • Nutrition Video Assignment #1
    • Nutrition Video Summary Assignment #2
    • Zoom Friday, May 8th 7th 1:00-1:30 and 8th 1:30-2:00. 8th grade please bring your comprehensive sex education workbook.

Nutrition Video Assignment #1

Please Click on the link provided below. You will need to use the id and password.

ID: stutthill


Nutrition Video Summary Assignment #2

*** In 150 words or more please summarize the video “The Mysteries of Life, Nutrition.” These are a few questions to help with your summaries. What were the main points? What new information did you learn? What food groups are you eating too much of? What food groups do you need to add to your plate? What are the food groups? What are the extras? What was interesting to you? What did you already know? You may use this document; however, you need to change the font and size of the font. Please use proper grammar and spelling.

PE Extra Credit 5/4-5/8

For this week’s physical education extra credit, you will need to create 3 different time lapse videos of you completing 100 repetitions of 3 different exercises. It can be 100 reps of sit-ups, burpees, lunges, squats, push-ups, jumping-jacks, frog jumps, straddle jumps, jump rope, crunches, or sprints. Please send all 3 videos in the same email to They are all due by Friday, May 8th.