Mrs. Lenior

First Grade Learning

April 20-24th


    1. Read together daily
    2. Practice sight words daily
    3. UNIT 4-1 packet. Long a: ai, ay (Pick this up from school on TUESDAY 11:00-12:00)

-2 times each, spelling sentences on the back

-triangle words, word search

-math facts

-SIPPS stories: #29, 30, 31, 32: read each story at least three times in the week.

    1. Optional: Freckle ELA 10 min daily, you can go to library, skills practice, word study, decodables, sight words. If you do not have online access, read another book and practice sight words.


    1. **Being a Writer workbook (it is blue and purple)- complete 2 pages weekly. **Turn this in weekly. Focus: 1.Proper Nouns, the name of something. Proper nouns always begin with a capital letter. (Example: John, Mark Twain School, Round Table Pizza, Jenny, Smart Street) 2. Verb tense (look, looked: run, ran: wash, washed)

P. 23, 24, 25, 26

    1. Writing Journal (it is blue with yellow stars) Write a paragraph a week, with 3-5 sentences. Remember: Start each sentence with a capital letter. Start with a topic sentence, then give details about your topic. Use punctuation at the end of each sentence. Sound out words and use your little yellow dictionary. Draw a picture too. (When your journal is full, you may keep it forever! Then start writing in something new, buy a notebook or journal for yourself)


    1. **Math Workbook, Grade 1, Volume 2: ** Turn these in weekly.**

P. 153, 154 (5-5)

P. 155, 156 (5-6)

    1. **Math Homework Workbook** Turn these in weekly

P. 117, 118 (5-4)

P. 119, 120 (5-5)

    1. Count to 100 by 1’s AND by 5’s and 10’s, make it fun! Check out Jack Hartmann on YouTube for some fun counting and exercise!
    2. Optional: Freckle math 10 min. Daily if you have the internet. Or practice writing to 100.

Science: Mystery Science, look outside or go for a walk-list all the animals and insects you see.


PE Don’t forget to play outside! Run, walk, skip, jump, learn to jump-rope! Throw, catch, bounce a ball. Make a hopscotch with sight words in each box, read the words as you hop.

Fun ideas: play board games, dance, cook together, write stories or jokes, sing, make musical instruments, do puzzles.

Don’t hesitate to send an email with any questions. We are here to help you!

** Turn in these assignments weekly. Please have work stapled together, with your students name, grade and teacher on it.

**Turn in Tuesday, April 28th**

Turn in: 1. Unit 4-1 packet

2. 4 math workbook pages

3. 2 writing workbook pages