Mrs. Felix

First Grade Learning

Tuesday, April 14-Monday, April 20th


    1. Read together daily
    2. Practice sight words daily
    3. **Keep a reading log. Write the title of the books you read and books that are read to you. ** Turn this in weekly.
    4. **Word Sort Lists: Make a list of 5 words that follow the same sound and spelling pattern. Read this list at least 3 times. **Turn these in weekly.

Tuesday: __ug (you can use these words: hug, bug, rug, dug, mug,)*

Wednesday: __and (hand, sand, band, land, grand)*

Thursday: __iss (kiss, miss, hiss, this, bliss)*

    1. Optional: Freckle ELA 10 min daily, you can go to library, skills practice, word study, decodables, sight words, also check out From My Teacher assignments. If you do not have online access, read another book and practice sight words.


    1. **Being a Writer workbook (it is blue and purple)- complete a page daily, front and back. **Turn this in weekly. 1. Focus: Verb-action word, ask What is the action in the sentence? Example: Dad cooks the eggs. (Say, What did the dad do? He cooks eggs… Cooks is the verb, the action.) 2.Focus: Noun-person, place or thing. ( Ask, Who cooks? Dad cooks, Dad is the noun.) Each example will have a noun and a verb. Example: A dog barks. Dog is the noun.(the who) Barks is the verb. (the action)

Tuesday: p. 15, 16*

Wednesday: p. 17, 18*

Thursday: p. 19, 20* Focus: Sentences begin with a capital letter, and end with proper punctuation. ? for asking, . for telling (Ask, is it telling you or asking you?)

Friday: p. 21, 22* Focus: introduce Proper Nouns, the name of something. Proper nouns always begin with a capital letter. (Example: John, Mark Twain School, Round Table Pizza, Jenny, Smart Street)

    1. Writing Journal (it is blue with yellow stars) Write at least 3-5 sentences. Remember: Start each sentence with a capital letter. Start with a topic sentence, then give details about your topic. Use punctuation at the end of each sentence. Sound out words and use your little yellow dictionary. Draw a picture too. (When your journal is full, you may keep it forever! Then start writing in something new, buy a notebook or journal for yourself)

1. What do you miss about being at school?

2. Free Choice, write about whatever you want!

    1. Being a Reader Handwriting Notebook (it is orange and blue):

Complete one or two pages each day. Focus on proper letter formation. Go slowly and write neatly. Complete your notebook. Not turning this in until we return to school.


    1. **Math Workbook, Grade 1, Volume 2: ** Turn these in weekly.**

Tuesday: (5-3) p. 149, 150** Make drawings to complete. We draw counters, small circles, for math problems.

Wednesday: (5-4) p.151, Do not need to match the equation to the picture, just solve the equations. Missing addend can be tricky: draw a picture, try counting on. Example: (9+__=15, say 9, then count on using fingers or drawing, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15…. 6!)

(5-4) P.152 ONLY NUMBERS 10-18 AND 1-6 ON THE BOTTOM. Unless you want to do them all!

Thursday: Math Homework and Remembering workbook: p. 115

Friday: Math Homework and Remembering workbook: p. 116

    1. Count to 100 by 5’s and 10’s, make it fun! Check out Jack Hartmann on YouTube for some fun counting and exercise!
    2. Optional: Freckle math 10 min. Daily if you have the internet. Or practice writing to 100.

Social Studies: Read 2 of the Scholastic News Magazines. Discuss what you’ve read and answer the questions on the back. Keep these at home.

Science: Mystery Science


PE Don’t forget to play outside! Run, walk, skip, jump, learn to jump-rope! Throw, catch, bounce a ball. Make a hopscotch with sight words in each box, read the words as you hop. Remember to sing our songs: Days of the week, Months of the year, because, you, first, would could should.

Don’t hesitate to send an email with any questions. We are here to help you!

** Turn in these assignments weekly**

**Turn in Tuesday, April 21st**

Enjoy, Relax, Play together!