Mrs. Cunha

3rd Grade Distance Learning Instructions for the week of May 19th

All 3rd grade students use “Mark Twain 3rd Grade” Google Classroom for assignments. Mrs. Cunha’s students will have 2 Google Classrooms. One for communicating solely with Mrs. Cunha, and Mrs. Martinez’s Mark Twain 3rd Grade, for accessing assignments.

This week will be the last week we assign new assignments. The following last 2 weeks of school will be an opportunity for students to catch up, and choose enrichment activities. Please use this time to catch up on previous assignments. It is time to return any borrowed items to school. Chromebooks, textbooks, and library books must be returned and can be dropped off in the Tuesday drive-through. Math workbooks and copies of “Bunnicula” may be kept. The Biome project is due May 19th. You will have a chance to present in Zoom on Friday, May 22nd. You can also make a video of your presentation or take pictures of your biome and information and email or post in Google Classroom.


Log into your Google Classroom to access weekly assignments. Hard copies can be picked up from school during drive through hours. Click on the link below to see Mrs. Buck’s video tutorial on how to log into their Google Classroom. You can access Google Classroom through any device. If you have an iPad or a smart phone, you can download the app.


Log into Clever to check for Freckle and Think Central Math assignments.

Username: student ID number example: 60000****

Password: student birthdate example: 03252010

If you have never logged into Think Central you will need to and then it will sync with Clever

Username: 60000****

Password: 33333

Dear families,

Please remember, your child has learned all of the multiplication facts using 0-11. Please continue to provide home practice to ensure fluency (speed) with these facts. You can use verbal drills, make flashcards, make worksheets, or use our school website for Freckle, That Quiz, or MathFact Cafe.

In addition, your child should be able to use his/her knowledge of the multiplication facts to compute basic division facts. Practice makes perfect.

Continue to work on telling time to the minute. Practice a quarter after, a quarter till, and half past the hour. How many minutes after the hour and how many minutes until the next hour can also be practiced. Lastly, we are working on elapsed time. Provide your student with examples to practice how much time has passed.

Best Wishes,

3rd grade teachers

English Language Arts:

Log into Clever to check Freckle ELA for assigned articles. You should complete assigned articles with a score of 80%.

*Hard copies of assigned articles are available in the school


Use Epic! And AR Books to keep up with reading. Take AR tests and earn at least 1 point each week.

Spelling for the week of May 19th

Please remember that the best way to learn new spelling words is through the use of multi modalities (hearing, seeing, feeling.) For this reason, as you study your spelling words for the week, say them, hear them, see them, and feel them. Read your spelling words to an adult. Put them on flashcards made of scrap paper. Read through them in scrambled order. Write them on paper, a chalkboard, or whiteboard. Write sentences using your spelling words. Have an adult check your work for spelling and punctuation. Find your spelling words in books, magazines, newspapers, etc. Have your parent give you pop quizzes throughout the week. These quizzes can be verbal, or in written form. When you feel ready, have your parent give you a more formal spelling test.

    1. orange 9. purple
    2. brown 10.colorful
    3. listen 11. humor
    4. invented 12. expensive
    5. blue 13. dreams
    6. yellow 14. talent
    7. pretty 15. wheels
    8. comics

Write your words 3xs each.

Sort your words into ABC order (Alphabetically)

Write sentences using your spelling words..

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