Mr. Swanner - Science

Eighth Grade Science (5/4 - 5/8)

    1. Students that have not completed the assignments in Khan Academy need to complete the videos and take the supportive notes prior to beginning this week’s assignment. I have extended the due date in Khan Academy until this Friday, May 8th for students that are running a little behind.
    2. Complete or revise if necessary the note evaluation for the “Periodic Table” when you have completed the additional notes from the videos last week.
    3. Using the PowerPoint “Atoms and Bonding” and the videos attached take notes and complete the worksheet provided.


    1. Introduction to Ionic and Covalent Bonds - Organic Chem. Tutor
    2. How to find valence electrons.
    3. Bozeman Lewis Dot Diagrams
    4. How to Draw Lewis Dot Diagrams-Organic Chem. Tutor
    5. Lewis Dot for Ionic bonds- Organic Chem. Tutor