Mr. Swanner - Science

Seventh Grade Science

Week #4 (4/14 - 417)

    1. We are beginning a new topic “The Immune System”. As we continue to adjust our lives to the phenomenon of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, my desire is to help you understand how your body responds to foreign invaders such as this foe.
      1. Set up your notebook
        1. Table of Contents
        2. Graphic note section
        3. Indentation note section
      2. Using the PowerPoint provided in Google Classroom take notes. Remember that the PowerPoints are already a summarization of the key points and vocabulary.
      3. Use the videos to support your understanding of the immune system by viewing and taking notes.
        1. For each video start on a new page - state the video title and record your notes below. Remember that you may start, stop and rewind the video as needed.
          1. Amoeba Sisters Immune System
          2. Bozeman The Immune System
          3. Optional - Khan Academy videos on the Immune System
    2. Begin reviewing your notes and worksheets in preparation for a summary presentation of the following information to be assigned next week:
      1. What is a virus?
      2. How does a virus use your body to reproduce?
      3. How does your body’s immune system respond to a virus?