Miss Turner - English/Language Arts

Miss Turner’s Distance Learning Assignments May 4 - May 8

May the Fourth Be with You!

Last week you needed to complete the Newsela Reading and quizzes listed below. This week the assignment is to complete English Google Classroom #29: Writing a 5-6 paragraph Expository Essay on Homelessness using text evidence from the Newela Articles assigned. Zoom Conferences will happen tomorrow at their normal times 1, 1:30 or 2pm to review Expository Essay format, writing tips and ideas about Homelessness. Codes are the same and can be found in the Stream section of the Literature Google Classroom.

Miss Turner


Literature: Newsela Nonfiction Reading on the Homeless

Read the 7 Articles and answer the quiz for each one

    1. How Utah Reduced Homelessness by 90%
    2. Pitched Roofs: LA Orders Removal of Tiny Houses
    3. Homeless Population Rises 12% Since 2013 in LA
    4. When Cold Winds Blow Americans Give Shelter
    5. Helping the Homeless by Building Houses with 3D Printer
    6. Homeless is Huge Problem in Hawaii but Help is on the Way
    7. One in 30 Children are Homeless

English: Write an Expository Essay about Homelessness and its Solutions

Google Classroom English # 29. Write 5-6 paragraphs about Homelessness and ways to solve the problem