St 1/ 7D - Week #28 (Week 1 Ind Study)

Please check your email invite to Math Google Classroom.

1. Fill out the attached homework log with the following assignments:

2. 6.1 Notes

- you must copy down my attached 6.1 notes on a separate piece of binder paper

3. 6.1 pg 441 # 1-6, 10-11, pg 443 # 18-22

On Tuesday, April 14, each of you will have your week #28 Homework Log with each of the assignments attached to it for me to sign (including the notes). Each assignment must be completed on the pages directly out of book, the worksheet I attached (only if I gave you one) printed out and completed, or on a separate piece of paper. As usual, all work must be shown for full credit.

Math Homework Log Name:________________________

Week #:______________________ Date:_________________________

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