Mrs. Hildebrand’s Intervention Classes


Dear Students,

We will be apart for a short amount of time, but I think of each one of you every day. I want you to take this opportunity to read, read, and read some more! (Of course, you knew I would say that!) Also, will you email me about your day once in awhile? I can be reached at I can’t wait to start getting email from you! I promise, I will email you back :)

See you soon,

Mrs. Hildebrand

PS: Parents, I’d love to hear from you as well! Let me know if you have any questions or need additional ideas.


Choose from the following activities and plan on spending about 20 minutes.

Objective: Letter practice

    1. On, check out Zoo-phonics videos from Safari Sid,
    2. Sing, dance, and encourage your student to “sign” each letter and sound.
    3. Practice singing the ABC song. This will help them learn/review letter names.
    4. Have students write their ABCs in order. Do this for both capital letters and lowercase letters. Have students name them as they are writing them.
    5. Play the Alphabet Soup game. Write letters on small pieces of cardboard or stiff paper. Put them in a pot and let students “draw” a letter card with a soup ladle or spoon. Talk about what soup ingredient starts with the letter that the student scooped, even if it’s silly. “I scooped the letter A. There are apples in my soup! I scooped the letter e. There are elephants in my soup!”
    6. Spend some time on websites like and