Third Grade Home Assignments

Go to the following website to access all online programs mentioned below:

· ELA (English Language Arts):

Writing (20-30 minutes daily)

Opinion Writing (Persuasive Essays)

The purpose of a persuasive essay is to persuade (cause/convince someone) to believe/agree with your opinion about a particular topic. You will want to think about who the audience (people you are trying to persuade) are.

Monday: Create a list of opinions/topics that you may want to write a persuasive essay about (for example: Should we all be homeschooled? Should school start later? People should pick up trash, A skateboard is the best way to go places, Etc.) You may include in your list ANYTHING you want. If you finish before the time is done you may start your persuasive essay or write about anything you choose.

Tuesday: Choose a topic from yesterday’s list (or continue writing your persuasive essay from yesterday) and write an essay about it.

Wednesday: Write an essay about what is the coolest pet. However, today I would like you to make sure you state your opinion early in the essay and give reasons that support your opinion.

For example: ‘Some kids like dogs, and some kids like cats. Believe it or not, I think rats are the coolest pets. I should know because I have an amazing pet rat named Zippy.’………..First, rats are friendly and really smart. You can………………Next, pet rats are easy to take care of. For example….. and etc.

Thursday: Continue writing one of the opinion pieces you started writing earlier or start/choose a new opinion piece. Make sure you state your opinion clearly in the piece and add reasons to support your opinion.

Friday: Write an essay about why you should or should not, have a cell phone. Remember to make sure you state your opinion clearly in the piece and add reasons to support your opinion.

Reading (20-30 minutes twice daily) practice reading daily

Reading Rainbow: Go to and search ‘Reading Rainbow #SO9E09’ and then click on ‘Kate Shelley, the Midnight Express’ OR click below and it’ll take you directly to the video.

After you have watched the video, please answer these questions.

1. Who was Kate Shelley?

2. What extraordinary thing did she do on a stormy night?

3. Would you have been as courageous as Kate Shelley? Explain why or why not?

4. Go to google and search ‘Amtrak routes USA’ and then write about the train adventure you would take with your family. List towns or places you would see along your journey.

You can choose what you would like to read…..books from home/school, Scholastic News and/or ANY kind of reading materials you have access to from your home or computer.

· FRECKLE ELA (30 Minutes Daily)

Go to our main page Click on Clever

Next, the kids will need to enter their Clever login and password. If your child does not know their Clever login/password you can contact their teacher (through Dojo or email) and they will let you know what your child’s login/password is.

Young email:

Handgis email:

Martinez email:

Cunha email:

Freckle Articles: At least 1 article per day with a passing score of 80% or better

Freckle Word Study Practice: Practice for 10 minutes

Math (30 Minutes Daily)

Mark Twain Students: Martinez’s and Cunha’s Students

Freckle math

Log into Freckle math, the same way you logged in to Freckle ELA

Adaptive Math: 20 Minutes daily

Facts Practice: Freckle Math Facts 2x daily (required) and if you want to practice more math facts you can go to (optional)

Copperopolis Students: Handgis’s and Young’s Students

Think Central Math

1. Your child will login to Clever (the same way they logged into Freckle).

2. Your child will click on ‘Think Central.’

3. They will enter their Think Central username (student id followed by and their password (their birthdate without any dashes).

Example: username: password: 03222011

4. They will click on ‘Things to Do’

5. They have 5 REVIEW ‘Homework’ assignments that they need to complete for the week.

Facts Practice: Freckle Math Facts 2x daily (required) and if you want to practice more math facts you can go to (optional)

· Social Studies/Science (45 Minutes Weekly)

Scholastic News:

Mystery Science (free-online)

· ART/PE (45 Minutes Weekly)