Week 1 March 16-20

                                                                First Grade Home Assignments 
                            Go to the following website to access all online programs mentioned below:

ELA (English Language Arts):

Writing (30 min. Daily) Daily Journal entries. Choose any topic you would like to write about! For example: Weather, animals, favorite places, family, school, fiction or nonfiction etc. 5-7 complete sentences would be great! Illustrate

Sight Words
(approx. 20 minutes daily depending on how many words your child knows.) Sight words-Make sure your child can easily read ALL words on all 10 word lists.

(20-30 minutes twice daily) practice reading daily. Sources-review all SIPPS stories that have been sent home, Online books-ABCYA, EPIC, Raz kids, scholastic and PBS kids.

       ELA (30 min. Daily) 
           To access Freckle click on our homepage link above then click on Clever (under favorites)   
            Login info:
                  user name= student ID# (Email teacher if you don't know student ID#)
                  password= MMDDYYYY
        Click on ELA - Word Study, Sight Words, Stories and Articles

       Math (30 min. daily)

Social Studies/Science (30 min
Social Studies Weekly. https://app.studiesweekly.com/online/ 
Scholastic News. https://sn1.scholastic.com/ student password:copper123 
Mystery Science (free-online) https://mysteryscience.com/

ART/PE (30 min)