Seventh Grade

Week #3 (March 30 - April 3)

  1. Continuing on with Viruses, I have provided three videos to support the material you have just learned.  Start on a new page and takes notes from these three videos that add to your understanding of the concepts.

    1. Professor Dave - “Molecular Highjacker”

    2. Bozeman - “Viral Replication”

    3. Khan Academy - “Viruses” 

  2. Read the Khan Academy Article “ Introduction to Viruses”.  This article is at the High School level. Use it to support your understanding of viruses.  Add to your notes. Title this Khan Academy Article.

  3. Answer the questions on the “Viruses and Bacteria” Worksheet.

  4. Complete the notebook evaluation form for “Viruses and Bacteria”.  This should include information from the PowerPoint, videos and the article from Khan Academy.