First grade  Learning for...                   

Monday, March 30th - Friday, April 3rd 

Journal topic:   Family interview 

SIPPS: review

Math:  finish   6-9 and topic 6 test 

Social Studies: 2 articles per week 

Scholastic News:  1 article per week 

Skills practice:/ signs for sounds: 

Writing-skills practice-Journals

  1. Interview a family member and write a story about them. Remember we are working on adding details and proof ( spelling, punctuation, does it make sense?)  reading our work. 

  2. Two days of free choice journal topic. Please write of at least 20 minutes. 

  3. Mrs. Crawford’s class do 2 pages in the skills practice book . Ms. Pyle’s class do  lesson 24 of signs for sounds and word sort 1. 

  4. Complete 4 pages in the handwriting book.  Focus on starting your letters from the top and going slow . 


  1. Please read to your child daily. 

  2. You can also access It is an amazing website where actors and actresses read current children's books.  

  3. Please  read past  SIPPS stories. 

  4. Practice sight words.

  5. We have included a reading log for you to use. Please write down the titles of books they can read to you. This will be due each week. 

  6. Freckle 20 minutes daily. 


  1. Please have your child write their numbers 1-100 weekly.  Focus on starting numbers at the top and watching for reversals.  

  2. Please have your child count to 100 by 10, 5.  Make it fun! has great songs to mix it up too! 

  3. Please finish   6-9 and take topic 6 test.  If you need assistance, please contact and I will schedule a phone conference with you. 

  4. Freckle 20 minutes daily 

Turn in  on Tuesday April 14

Please turn in:

Math Topic test 6, Math reteaching page

Story about family member

Scholastic article 

Studies weekly articles  

Resources for learning games 

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