Ms Turner - English/Language Arts

Miss Turner ELA Distance Learning Assignments April 14-17

Literature: Story located in the Streaming section of your Literature Google Classroom

Holt:  Literature Google Classroom #12:  Read Zebra p. 190-212; Answer ?s p. 1-8 and tan square.  Don’t answer #3 & 4. Vocabulary p. 214 1-10. Use the Google Dictionary if needed to help with the word meanings.  Choose and type the word that is most different in meaning from the other words.

Newsela: Read and take quiz

Do Art, Relieve Stress

Helping People Through Art

English:  Assignment #28 in your English Google Classroom

Writing Prompt on p. 215.  Write a 2-3 paragraph letter that Zebra might send in response to John Wilson’s letter.  It should include a description of how the art class and their friendship helped heal his hand and spirits.  Use letter format including Date, greeting/dear ?, 2-3 paragraphs with indents and no extra spaces in between and salutation.