Ms Teale

Dear Students & Parents (Friends)!

As we continue to work remotely, I just want to say what a great job you guys are doing!!! Be sure to check Teale’s Google Classroom – Class Code: DTUFIEU ( Monday through Friday for announcements, assignments, and extra resources. Students should be checking their email daily as well and I can always be reached through my email: or Don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You should see me at least once a day, sometimes more, through video calling. I will be working with students individually and sometimes in groups. Additional service providers are reaching out and scheduling times with students right now and we are developing a schedule and will hopefully have a rhythm very soon. I am happy to be flexible and work around your family’s needs much as I can. I am here to support you! I miss seeing everyone at school, but it’s been fun getting to see you in your homes virtually. We are all going to be doing the best we can! I appreciate all of your hard work.

This is a unique opportunity we all have being at home. I want students to help parents with household chores, enjoy family game nights, family walks/exercise, and continue to grow. I hope you’re taking the opportunity to spend time with your family and do projects together and spend quality time together. Keep reading every day. This is also a great time to help with functional activities, cooking (great opportunities to practice math in real life), clean-up, laundry, and other functional skills. I want you all to stay healthy, so make sure you’re staying at home, washing your hands, keeping hands away from your face, and practicing social distancing when you are around others. I can’t wait to see you all back at school! I would say I miss your faces, but I luckily get to see your faces on video pretty much every day! Distance learning is new, but it’s also kind of exciting!

- Ms. Teale