Ms Smith

Grade 4


 Writing: All writing assignments must be turned in on Google Docs. 

Go to our home page 

Then click on the icon to the right with a pencil.

Login using your and password (students know these by heart) 

Click on NEW

Click on Google Doc

Share your Document with your teacher once you are finished.







Go to our home page 

Click on CLEVER sign in using student id# from Infinite Campus and birthday- MMDDYYYY 

Then click on Freckle

Studies Weekly

Login and passwords are different. Contact your child’s teacher if your child forgot theirs.


Think Central (math) COPPER ONLY. For MT see math instructions on Google Classroom 

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Click on Think Central

Think central login- username is your student ID number password is date of birth MMDDYYYY

Lesson Plans for March 30- April 3


Daily Writing Assignment . Write in Google docs then share it with your teacher.

Include an intro sentence and a topic sentence. Remember your intro sentence is usually a question you are asking your audience about your topic.  

Topic sentence tells us the main idea of what you are focusing on in your writing.

Don’t forget your conclusion needs to include your topic sentence. 

  • Mon. Opinion Paragraph

5-7 sentences

Do you enjoy watching TV or playing outside?

Include 5 nouns in your paragraph. (Underline your nouns)

  • Tues. Writing time

Write for 20 minutes about a topic of your choice.

  • Wed. Narrative Writing

200- 300 words

Write a narrative about April Fools Day. 

Use quotations in your paragraph. 

Quotation example: “Where are all of my shoes!” my dad yelled as I hid laying on top of a pile of shoes in the bathtub, trying not to laugh too loud.

  • Thurs. Writing time

Write for 20 minutes about a topic of your choice OR continue the piece you started on Tuesday.

  • Fri. Informative Paragraph

5- 7 sentences

Write about something that makes you happy. Tell all about it and why it makes you happy. 

Use 3 adverbs. (Underline your adverbs)

Freckle Assignments ELA 30 minutes a day. Read slowly, deliberately, and more than once before answering the questions. Remember  you need to go back and reread to find the answers.

  • Mon.  Volcanoes, Crater Lake, A Dreamer’s Sky

  • Tues. Tundras, Antarctica, Night of the Avalanche

  • Wed. Asia, Grasslands, Death Valley

  • Thurs. Oregon Trail, Scorpions, Africa

  • Fri. Braving the Oregon Trail, World Cup, Prosthetic Devices


  • Daily- 10 minutes of Freckle Skills Practice 

Silent Reading  30 minutes a day

Social Studies

COPPER Studies Weekly Week 24 Read the article or listen to the audio. After reading the article, answer the questions and earn the coins. When you are ready there is a test assigned to you for week 24.

Mark Twain

  • Read Chapter 7

  • Complete the “Chapter 7 Vocabulary and Questions”


  • Read the text (printed or on and fill in the notes for 3.9 Plant reproduction

  • Get outside and work on “What Makes a Plant?”  Week 3

  • Continue working on the “Moon and Sun Tracking”

P.E. Do Monday- Wednesday- Friday

25 Sit-ups

5 Push- ups

50 jumping jacks

20 Squats

1 minute in a plank

20 lunges

Run in place with high knees for 30 seconds

Skip with high knees for 30 seconds.