Ms Duncan

Hello Students,

       I am missing all of you but know we will get through this hard time together! Continue to work hard at home and I will be in touch with you each week.  Work packets will be available at school on Tuesdays during the lunch distribution hours of 11:00 to 1:00. Please let me know if you need anything! (books, supplies, codes, laptops)

       You can choose to do RSP work or general education work. I suggest you do some of each.

Everything is designed to work on your goals! All service time will be provided through phone or computer access. Please email me at or call (209)736-7052 if you have any questions.

      If you run into trouble or technical difficulties, please at least read, write, and practice some Math each day. Try to stay up with your class assignments listed by teacher on Google Classroom or Dojo. Contact teachers or me with questions and we can figure it out. There are many sites that may help you stay interested and engaged! Search around our home page on the left. Some you may be familiar with already. Explore! Also, try these:

          Ms. Buck’s Bootcamp

          Mrs. Hildebrand’s page 

          Mrs. Mueller has great Math videos on DoJo

 - read aloud stories - class code gce3690

          Starfall (under Copper’s site, says expired but click anyway)

 - Ms. Duncan’s class - 760083 (I’ll email you your #)

 - 5003233



See you all soon,

Michelle Duncan

TK-6 RSP, Mark Twain Elementary School