Ms Birdwell

BRAIN BREAK Freeze Dance

May 18 - May 22

Language Arts 

Grade TK Activity 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Reading Practice

20-30 mins a day


Use Storyline to access book read alouds for your child. It is an amazing website where actors and actresses read current children's books.

PLEASE read to your child daily. 

Practice the Alphabet: Help your child identify letters by singing along to the “Alphabet Song,” reading books about the alphabet and playing with alphabet puzzles.

Here is an example of games to help your child learn letters:

*Cut out individual squares that feature each letter of the alphabet written in bright colors.

*Mix them up and tape them on various surfaces in the house.

*Find rocks outside and write a letter on each one. 

Joan Proctor, Dragon Doctor with Ms. Birdwell

Have your child tell you one word they hadn’t heard before in the story & discuss with them what it means.

Little Red Riding Sheep with Ms. Birdwell

Discuss the characters, the setting, & the plot. 

Clark the Shark

Watch the Story: When a Dragon Moves In  

Take me there! 

Discuss the book with your child & have them retell the main events in their own words. 

Listen to both Read Alouds. 

Tell your family what each one was about and one fun fact you learned.  

Read Aloud- Read a book to your student

10-15 mins a day

Discuss Before Reading: Looking at the title and cover art, what do you think this book is going to be about?



Discuss the pictures in the story before you read it. Have your student tell you what the pictures are about in the story.

Discuss your student's favorite part of the story. 

Ask your student to predict events while you are reading the story. 

Ask you student if you were the character, would you have done something different? 




Writing & Letter Practice 

10-20 mins a day

Please practice writing uppercase and lowercase letters AND sounds.


Where do you start your letters?



Please practice writing your FIRST name correctly with a capital letter followed by lowercase letters. 

Please practice your portrait. Your picture should look like you. At the bottom please write, I am ________ (insert student name here). 

Please practice writing your FIRST name with a capital letter followed by lowercase letters.

Draw a detailed picture of anything you’d like. 


Grade TK Activity 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Math Practice

20 mins a day

Subitize Rock!  

Grab rocks, toys, etc. anything that your student can put into a group & give them a number to show with the “manipulatives” they have chosen to use. 

Use Manipulatives:

For math with any manipulatives they have:  can be crayons,beans,pasta,


Have them 

*group by 5,10


*Sort by color,shape and size


*Put a group of objects on the table have you student count them then ask: If we take 3 away how many are there now,etc. continue with other amounts

If we add 5 more how many,etc.

Count to 100 with Spiderman

Count with Callie


Have your student count with Callie on MegaMath to order numbers 1-5, using terms like before/after.


Practice Writing numbers: 

*Write numbers outside with sidewalk chalk or write a number sequence on a whiteboard, regular paper or paper with boxes

Count to 20 & Workout

Have your student go outside and have them jump up and down while counting to 20. 

Additional Subjects

Grade TK Activity

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Physical Activity

20 minutes per day

Go Noodle OR Cosmic Kids Yoga

Go Noodle OR Cosmic Kids Yoga

Go Noodle OR Cosmic Kids Yoga

Go Noodle OR Cosmic Kids Yoga

Go Noodle OR Cosmic Kids Yoga


15-20 mins per day

Mystery Science

Could a mountain turn into a volcano?

Simple Science Project 

Sticky Balloon Trick! 

Make A Balloon Rocket

Kids Sci Show

Can ketchup clean a penny?

Could I Dig a Hole Through Earth

Mystery Science

Can Animals Laugh

Have fun OUTSIDE! It’s fantastic weather and there’s so much science!

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