cherished Students of Mrs. Gigi Young’s 3rd Grade Class!

 ****BE SURE AND RETURN YOUR WORKBOOKs for 3rd Trimester CREDIT... via the TUESDAYs, LUNCH/packet DROP OFF/// PICK UP line at COPPER ELEMENTARY.    This is from 11 - 12 am EVERY TUESDAY.*****

     Mrs. Young is so very proud of all of you!!!   Most of you have ….successfully completed the remainder of our 3rd Trimester of 3rd Grade studies.   During the DISTANCE LEARNING … sheltering in place,  YOU and your families GOOGLED CLASSROOMed with such diligence.   This required such strength of character.   You learned many new programs… right along with your teacher ...and, together we…. positively... succeeded.   

   >>>PLEASE GO ONTO OUR CLASS DOJO … there you will find OUR ZOOM SCHEDULES for the remaining fun times TOGETHER.    Don’t forget… you will be receiving the STEPPING UP CEREMONY certificates in the MAIL ... that your parents will hand to you.   During THAT June 5th, Stepping UP CEREMONY via ZOOM… Mrs. Young will be sharing the congratulations during the ceremony.  COVID 19 doesn’t rob COPPEROPOLIS COUGARS from the fun traditions that make our life… happy and PROUD.   It is the last day… and at 5pm… to possibly accommodate PARENT’s WORK SCHEDULES.   Come join us, FAMILY and FRIENDS of Mrs. Young’s Room J.

     Be sure and check out the schedule on DOJO… and hope to see you on May 26th zoom,  June 2nd ZOOM… year memories SHARE   and then…. The Room J STEPPING UP Ceremony.   These alllllllll happen at 5pm… and the Zoom ID# and Passwords are posted on CLASS STORY 15 - 20 minutes prior to the time together.

     YOU will … always be my JOY… as you continue in the intermediate grades and on.   REMEMBER... alway fly high … ABOVE and BEYOND!!!  

      Love, Mrs. Gigi Young