Mrs. Young’s  Lesson Plans for May 11- 13, 2020

                FROG JUMP recess is May 14 and 15 …. So sad it is COVID19 cancelled.                     

                    Room J class PET ZOOM… Date: Tues. May 12 at 5:00pm    

                       ZOOM ID# and Password WILL BE Dojo posted @4:45pm

         Mrs. Young’s individual student ZOOM meetings will continue at your regular weekly time      through May 29th... PLEASE have your device ready. ABOUT 5 minutes before your 

scheduled meeting… I will send you a TEXT with the Meeting ID # and it’s password

 to join.

HAVE A PENCIL AND PAPER to take notes. Also, be prepared to read me the writing

you did for the previous week.  Make sure you are submitting those ‘writes’ or

 workbook ‘pages’, too.  It was   so GREAT to see your faces and even some of your family members, too.

    Parents are most welcome at these ZOOMS, too.    

You will be expected to complete these lessons and assignments

       *** VIDEOS are the classroom instruction.   Watch, pause, ponder!!!

              English Language Arts: FIND the learning video/lessons in GOOGLE Classroom

         *BEING A WRITER (Video lessons and Writing Assignments)

          *MAKING MEANING  (Video lessons and Comprehension test by Sunday)

          *20 Minutes of Daily Reading  The following articles can count as D.R.

          *Freckle Articles (alternate fiction/non-fiction.  Pass score of 75% )

          Math: Find the videos/lessons in GOOGLE CLASSROOM! 

          *Math - Think Central watch Video Lessons~TURN in HOMEWORK./REMEMBERing 

            pages.  NO NEED to RETURN the CLASS ACTIVITY pages as they are forming the

            concepts.  IF YOU are assigned a QUIZ or TEST… submit via a photo of it or Think

            Central completion.   *Math FRECKLE Facts need to happen EACH DAY. 20 mins.

Most of you are successfully into GOOGLE CLASSROOM.   Please call Mrs. Young if having connection challenges.  See helpful links on our Classroom  Dojo.   You can access Google Classroom through any device. If you have an iPad or a smart phone, you can download the app. If using a Chrome book or laptop, then, you need to click on the link below. Once your child clicks on the link below or downloads the app, please follow instructions on the Dojo helpful video.   ONCE you have JOINED our classroom,  you can easily access this from the DISTRICT HOME PAGE where you access 


Respectfully ...THANK YOUR PARENTS, daily!!!   Mrs. Gigi Young