Mrs. Gigi Young’s    3rd Grade 

Lesson Plans    April 14 - April 17,  2020


                      LOCATED ON OUR GOOGLE CLASSROOM!!!

You will be expected to complete these lessons and assignments.

    English Language Arts:

     *BEING A WRITER (Video lessons and Writing Assignments

     *MAKING MEANING  (Video lessons and Comprehension test due by Sunday)

     *20 Minutes of Daily Reading  (Reading Log due by Sunday)

     *Freckle Articles (alternate fiction/non-fiction … passing score of 75% or higher)


     *Math - Think Central   watch Video Lessons and TURN in HOMEWORK/REMEMBER

     *Math - Facts - Freckle practice as we have previously done in class - 2 strands of 4

Please click the link below to be redirected to our brand new Google Classroom.  Also, see helpful links on our Classroom Dojo. Help in how to login, navigate, and use, Google Classroom. You can access Google Classroom through any device. If you have an iPad or a smart phone, you can download the app. If your child is using a Chrome book or laptop then they need to click on the link below. Once your child clicks on the link below or downloads the app, please follow my instructions on the video I posted on Class Dojo.

If you are using a Chrome book or laptop, click on the link above. If you are using an iPad or a smart phone, you will want to download the Google Classroom app. When downloading Google Classroom will ask you for a code. 

  MRS. YOUNG’s code is   ajq5cbt