Kindergarten Learning for...    May 18th- Friday, May 22nd 


Journal topic:

  • My favorite ocean animal and why. 


  • CC BookRoom! Set 2

  • Sight Word Review with Ms. Pyle 


  • Lessons 5-8, 5-9, 5-10, 5-11

Freckle: 20 minutes daily 

Art: 1 lesson a week with Mrs. D

Social Studies: Please complete 2 lessons a week

Scholastic News: Please complete 1 lesson a week 

Writing-Letter Work-Journals 

  1. Please complete 2 pages daily from our orange handwriting book.  

  2. If you have finished that, please move onto the next handwriting book. 

  3. Please practice writing your FIRST and LAST name.

  4. Finally, write a sentence in your journal.  Remember we are working on adding details to our illustrations and adding a second sentence too. Please use sight words and sound out words they do not know how to spell yet. 


  1. Please read to your child daily.

  2. You can also access It is an amazing website where actors and actresses read current children's books. 

  3. Please have your child read the books provided in the ziplock bag. 

  4. Download the CCC BookRoom app. BookRoom app

  5. Read books in set 2: Being a Reader Small-group Reading Set 

  6. Phonemic Awareness

    1. Day 1 

    2. Day 2 

    3. Day 3

    4. Day 4

  7. Word Families with Mrs. Hildebrand

    1. -eg word family

    2. -en word family

    3. -et word family

    4. -ed word family

  8. Read alouds and songs  

    1. Blue Whale

    2. Blue Sea

    3. Clark the Shark

    4. Ms. Buck

  9. Sight words 1-21

  10. Sight words 22-34


  1. Please have your child write their numbers 1-20 daily.  Focus on starting numbers at the top and watching for reversals.  

  2. Please have your child count to 100 and beyond! Make it fun! 

  3. Please complete 4 math lessons a week. If you need assistance, please use remind and I will schedule a phone conference with you. 

  4. Count and Match with FISH!

  5. Subitize Super Fast

  6. Count to 100!

  7. Please keep working on math workbooks sent home in December! 

Freckle using CLEVER

  1. Please use the QR code provided to log into Clever. You can find this on our school google homepage. Once you have logged in, please select the application called FRECKLE. Use this as enrichment for math and reading skills. We recommend 20 minutes a day. 

ART with Mrs. D

  1. Sea Turtle


  1. Weather

  2. Bee Breath

Life Skills

  1. What would you do if you were a king or a queen? 

  2. A new Friend 



Turn in options:

Turn In( these can be turned in during the drop off times M-F 11-1 or directly to our email (Ms. Pyle) or ( Mrs. D) 

Math- 5-8, 5-9, 5-10, 5-11 

Reading log- (sight word practice counts) 

Scholastic-  1 article 

Studies Weekly- 2 articles 

Journal- 1 story  

Check off list below:)

Kinder Weekly Check off List






Handwriting Book (2 Pg.)

Write First and Last Name

Write Sentence in Journal

Read to Child

Child Listen to Reading

Child Read

Write numbers 1-20

Count to 100

Math Workbook Page (3x Week)

Math Homework 

Freckle (Enrichment)