Distance Learning Plan for:  Weeks of April 27th - May 8th          

Special Bonus Assignment and Points! Check our google classroom page!

English Language Arts:

  • Kindness Comments Assignment-Google Classroom

  • Project M.O.M.

Social Studies:

  • 1-Chinese Geography and Isolation-freckle 

  • 2-China and the Silk Road -freckle

  • 3-China Unit Assessment- freckle


  • 30 minutes of reading per day

  • Fever 1793 (Lessons with Mr. S reading Chapters 15-24 -Google Classroom)

  • Chapters 15-24 Questions-Google Classroom

 (Remember, you can still take AR Tests during regular school hours!)

Physical Education:

  • Avenger’s Workout DAILY (4/27-5/8) -link to video on Google Classroom...

  • OR Grandpa Schneider’s Routine-50 sit ups, 50 push ups, 5 minutes of running-in-place every morning 4/27-5/8

  • No Internet = Our regular “Square Up” exercises (10 of each-sit ups, push ups, Cougars, Leg lifts, wall sits, and mountain climbers) 


  • Pages 561 - 571 in textbook

  • Week 10 Countdown and Week 9 Countdown -Google Classroom

  • Chapter 7 Equations: TEST - Google Classroom

  • Work on Mastery of Course (10 minutes a day) - Khan Academy

  • Adaptive Pathway (10 minutes a day)- freckle


  • “Waste Woes” -

  • “Heavy Metal” -

Please Check Google Classroom for feedback, announcements and/or adjustments to assignments.