Mrs. Aardal’s Lesson Plans

May 26th - May 29th


The purpose of these next two weeks is for your child to finish/turn in any late work. 

If your child has completed all of their assignments, Great Job! Now your child can enjoy making flipgrids and please have them choose 2 home activities per day:


Flipgrid (One Each Day)


Wednesday: Would You Rather?

Thursday: Home Activity Choice

Friday: Virtual Show and Tell


Home Activity Choices

Each day choose TWO Activities (10 altogether for the week) from the list below:

  • Write a letter to an elderly relative or friend.

  • Help your parent or caretaker mow the lawn

  • Be in charge of your household recycling 

  • Bake a cake using a cookbook or follow a recipe. Follow each step and measurement carefully.

  • Turn off the lights! Grab a flashlight and read in the dark.

  • Design your dream bedroom. Draw your design.

  • Make a video reading your favorite picture book.

  • Get outside! Build a ford, climb a tree, jump on the tramp, kick a ball

  • Have a paper airplane challenge with your family. Whose plane can fly best?

  • Help your parent or caregiver plan the grocery list for the week.

  • Hide five toys around your house. Create a scavenger hunt with clues for someone to find them.

  • Draw your favorite animal. Combine the features of two animals into one new animal.

  • Design a new cover for your favorite book.

  • Create a new smoothie or milkshake. Write out the recipe to try your new drink.

  • Create a collage with magazine cut outs. 

  • Collect sticks, leaves, flowers and other items from nature and create an art piece.

  • Head outside and go for a bug hunt. Find an unusual bug or insect and draw it.

  • Look at an online supermarket website and decide what you would buy if you had $100.

  • Create your own board game.