Mrs. Mueller

Learning at Home

Fourth grade math agenda for April 14 – 17

Starting new math unit - Unit 7 Fractions and Decimals

Video Think Central lessons will be available each day on the story section of ClassDojo. Watch the lesson and complete the online lesson the same day. You can access the paper version of the work in your Fourth Grade MATH file of google classroom. (new class code is ksuafdc)

· Tuesday: 7-1 Comparing Fractions

· Wednesday: 7-2 Fractions on the number Line

· Thursday: 7-3 Fractions of Different – Size Wholes

· Friday: Unit 7 Quiz 1

Throughout the week you need to be working on Adaptive Math with your focus on Fractions and or Base Ten. Be sure to spend 60 minutes this week on your Adaptive Math. That equates to 15 minutes each day (Tuesday – Friday).

By Thursday, please complete the That Quiz timed math facts test

Code for Mueller Homeroom is : 3iX 8ZS XA

Code for Smith homeroom is : 9EY 6PT QE