Mrs. Mueller

4th Grade Math   Week of May 18-22

**Think Central  and via   Clever    ClassDojo    Prodigy  

You will need to be able to access your Prodigy account… If you are unable to find it,  contact me and I will provide it for you.  Within your battles are questions about the daily lesson.  Your answers will be monitored and the Prodigy program will provide me with your scores each day.

This week you are not required to do Freckle!!!   Please make sure you have completed all your Think Central Assignments.  If they are expired and you want them to be reopened… you need to contact me with a list of all the assignments that I should send you.  I will NOT be reopening assignments.  I will be submitting you a new one if you request it.  Any incomplete assignments are given a grade of 0 (zero) in the grade book. You need to spend at least 20 minutes on Prodigy each day.  Contact your classmates to schedule when you can play Prodigy at the same time so you can travel in the same worlds and battle each other.  


Monday: Do That Quiz:  

 Mueller LINK  7L3E2XFK        Smith LINK  TN6XMEY7

Watch a video on ClassDojo to learn about Properties of Polygons.

Go to Prodigy use your personal sign in code/ password. 


Tuesday:  Check out who worked hard last week by watching the “Recognizing Hard Workers” video.  Then watch a video on ClassDojo to understand  “ Parallel, Perpendicular and Angle Types”.  Play at least  20 minutes of Prodigy

Wednesday:  Watch a video on ClassDojo to learn about classifying triangles. Then play Prodigy for at least 20 minutes. 


Thursday : Watch a video on ClassDojo stories to learn about Symmetry.

Battle your classmates on Prodigy, while answering questions about symmetry. Spend at least 20 minutes on Prodigy. 


Friday: Finish your final THAT QUIZ for this school year.  Give it your best effort!!!  Mueller LINK  JCWWAGX9   Smith LINK  NGJ1KY2C

Learning at Home

Time Travel