Mrs. Bottomley

Bottomley and Eaves

Second Grade Home Assignments 

Go to the following website to access all online programs mentioned below:

  • ELA (English Language Arts): 

Writing (20-30 min. Daily) 

We will work on opinion writing this week. Give details to support your opinion. Remember to edit your work for spelling and punctuation.

Monday: What is your favorite holiday? Why?

Tuesday: Which season do you like better, summer or winter?  Why?

Wednesday: If you could have any type of superpower (invisible, fast, incredibly strong, flying…)what would it be? Why?

Thursday: What do you miss most about being in school?  Why?

Friday: Finish your writing assignments. 

Reading (20-30 minutes twice daily) practice reading daily

They can choose… read books from home/school, Scholastic News and/or ANY kind of reading materials you have access to from your home or computer. 

  • FRECKLE ELA (30 Minutes Daily)

Go to our main page Click on Clever

Next, the kids will need to enter their Clever login and password. If your child does not know their Clever login/password you can contact their teacher (through Dojo or email) and they will let you know what your child’s login/password is.

Eaves email:

Bottomley email:

Freckle Articles: At least 1 article per day with a passing score of 80% or better

Freckle Word Study Practice: Practice for 10 minutes

  • Math (30 Minutes Daily)

Think Central Math

  1. Your child will login to Clever (the same way they logged into Freckle). 

  2. Your child will click on ‘Think Central.’

  3. They will enter their Think Central username (student ID followed by and their password for everyone is 22222.

Example: username: password: 22222

  1. They will click on ‘Things to Do’

  2. They have 5 REVIEW ‘Homework’ assignments that they need to complete for the week. 

Facts Practice: Freckle Math Facts 2x daily (required) and if you want to practice more math facts you can go to (optional)

  • Social Studies/Science (45 Minutes Weekly)

Scholastic News: 

Mystery Science (free-online)

  • ART/PE (45 Minutes Weekly)

Mark Twain Learning Hub