Mr. Swanner - Science

Distance Learning Week #6 Science

Seventh Grade Science  (4/27 - 5/1)

  1. Summary Assessment for “The Invisible Enemy”

    1. Use the outline that you created last week from your notes and worksheets and other resources to build the presentation in an essay format. If for some reason you did not finish the outline, finish it first.

    2. Remember to answer the following questions:

      1. What is a virus?

      2. How does a virus use your body to replicate itself?

      3. How does your body’s immune system respond to a virus?

    3. You may add an introduction and conclusion paragraph if you would like, but all I require is the three questions to be answered.  Each question should be a minimum of a paragraph.

    4. You may add pictures to support your summary.

  1. Watch the video from Bozeman Science “Herd Immunity”.  You may incorporate this information into your summary assessment if you wish.