Mr. Swanner - Science

Eighth Grade Science  (5/18 - 5/22)

  1. Watch the following videos:

(Do not worry about the calculations in these videos.  You will get all this again in high school chemistry.)

Crash Course Chemistry #7 

Crash Course Chemistry #8 

Bozeman -Water a Polar Molecule


-Acids Bases and pH

  1. Complete the Worksheet “ Solutes, Solvents and the Properties of Acids and Bases”  

  1. Complete a note evaluation for the Chemistry Unit.  Pictures may be inserted into the document or sent together in an email labeled Chemistry Note Evaluation.

    1. Your evaluation of the graphic notes should be for all six sections combined.  Provide a picture. 

    2. Provide a picture of the table of contents.

    3. Provide a picture of one section of your choice indentation notes

  2. Optional- Phet simulations  General Chemistry

Build an Atom

Balancing Chemical Equations


Acid-Base Solutions