Mr. Swanner - Science

Distance Learning Week #9 Science

Seventh Grade Science  (5/18 - 5/22)

  1. Complete the Worksheet for “Reptiles and Amphibians”

  2. Final notebook evaluation.

    1. Select one section that has been taken during the distance learning process.

    2.  Take a picture of the graphic notes, indentation notes and the table of contents and send them to me in an email labeled “Final Note Evaluation”

  1. Watch the two videos “Life in Cold Blood”  and write a brief summary for each of the two videos.  Indicate what you have learned as well as what you found particularly interesting or fascinating.

    1. Reptiles - The Cold Blooded Truth

    2. Amphibians - Land Invaders 

  1. The Virtual Frog Dissection was not included. It was too difficult to modify the lab sheet to meet the needs of just looking at pictures in a PowerPoint presentation. Although the pictures are good, it does not do justice to actually having hands-on dissection contact.  I hope that we will have the opportunity to complete a real dissection next school year.