Mr. Miller

Learning at Home

4th SS 5/12-5/18

Get ahold of Mr. Miller:

  1. Class Dojo

  2. Email at or

  3. Call: (209) 736-7228

Tuesday and Wednesday:

Studies Weekly: 

  • Instructions: 

  • Log into your Clever and go to Studies Weekly (online only) or select the assigned “Week 29: The Transcontinental Railroad” publication in Google Classroom.

  • Select and read “Week 29: The Transcontinental Railroad” publication

  • Take the test on the Studies Weekly site or on paper.  When you take the test you can look at the article to help answer the questions.

Thursday Friday:

  • No SCHOOL! 


Finish any Studies Weekly assignments you have not completed and retake any Studies Weekly Tests you want to.


There will be no new Science assignments this week.   Please use this time to complete any unfinished work.