Mr. Gehres

Week of April 13-17          (Drop off date for Packets: April 20)

Mr. Gehres

Math: Periods 1&3 Group A

·         Group A: Chapter 7 Lessons 1-3 

o    Ch. 7 Mid Chapter Quiz

o    Ch. 7 Lesson 3 Problem Solving.

o    Ch. 7 Lesson 4 Skills Practice.

o    Khan Academy – focus equalities

o    Freckle Adaptive practice.



·         Wolf Position Paper

·         Use a separate piece of paper to write the paper. This paper can be handwritten.  There is attached reference material you can use for the paper.

The material below will be posted in Google Classroom. Please study the material, but focus on the Wolf Position Paper for this material

·         Chapter 10:  

·         Ecology Assessment ( there are notes attached you can use)

·         Chapter 11

Section 1 Questions (please use a separate sheet of paper to turn in  if you cannot access Google Classroom)