Mark Twain

Online Math work for 5th grade students at Mark Twain Elementary

Log onto GoogleClassroom and open 5th Grade Math to download this page, the unit 6 student workbook, the unit 6 homework and remembering pages, and the ClassDojo student access code (to view the online math lessons within Class Story)

March 23rd – 27th .

❖ Complete Think Central Lessons 6-4, 6-5, 6-6 and 6-7

❖ Complete Think Central Unit 6 Quiz 1 after completing lesson 6-4

❖ Do the That Quiz Miller HR – 8JiTB8H3 Smith HR – 64X8BSHR

❖ Complete Freckle assignments:

Targeted practice:

Fractions- Adding Unlike Denominators (Monday)

Base 10 Multiply Multi-Digit Numbers (Tuesday)

Base 10 Four-digit Division (Wednesday)

Fractions- word problems with unlike denominators (Thursday)

Work on Adaptive Math Pathway – Base 10 at your level