English & Language Arts

Miss Turner ELA Classwork for March 16-20 

Assignment List for the week: 

Newsela: Read and do all activities Pass quiz with at least 3 out of 4 or 75%
Mother Lion Adopts Leopard Cub 
From Show Dog to Service Dog 
Ranking Girl Scout Cookies

Literature # 6: Read Dirk the Protector: PDF in Streaming Section. Answer ?s on P.285- 287. 
Complete 285 ?s 1-9 and tan square, Vocabulary in Context and Language

Literature #8: Read Encounter with Martin Luther King Jr. PDF in Streaming Section. P. 266- 272. 
Answer P. 273 ?s 1-9 and tan square, P. 274 Vocabulary in Context 

Writing Prompt: English #25: Answer Page 287 Writing Prompt: write 1 paragraph explaining If Dirk could talk what kind of story might he tell? Why? 3 paragraphs retelling part of the story from Dirk’s point of view 

Freckle: 20 min per day Assignments in Tracker: #s: 13, 55, 03, 41, 60, 87, 13 (Claims) 

Book Report:  Instructions in Streaming Section 
Due April 15th