April 20th - April 24th

Lesson Plan Week 4/20 through 4/24

I have created 2 interactive homework assignments for the students in my SDC class, one document facilitates their daily adaptive/living skills through myriad means, the other is tailored to each student and targets their individual IEP goals, complete with file folders, activity suggestions, online links to learning songs and games.  These 2 documents will provide our curriculum and activities for the duration of the 2019-2020 school. 

From each document, students/families will choose 1-2 tasks per week to practice. Parents please give support as needed, but please try to allow the child to complete the task on their own. These assignments will help your student to continue working on IEP Goals. Please sign after each activity has been completed. Additional links and directions are in the far right column. 

Thank you!