April 14th - April 17th

TK Learning for... Tuesday, April 14th-Friday, April 17th  


Please download this app! It is free and a great way to practice letter sounds and names. In settings you can make it easier with hints or harder with more letters on the screen. Have fun! 


I like ________.


Please complete set 1 of the number cut and paste jobs included in your packet. It focuses on numbers 6-10. Scissor skills are important too! 

Song: Oh, Rainbow!  (lyrics are listed below)

Art: 1 lesson a week with Mrs. D Easter Bunny Art

Social Studies: Please complete 1 lesson this week

My Big World-Scholastic News: Please complete 1 lesson this week

Freckle: 15 minutes daily

Writing-Letter Work-Journals

  1. Please practice your portrait. Your picture should look like you. At the bottom please write, I like ________ (insert something you like here). Please work on adding details to your picture.

  2. Please practice uppercase and lowercase letters in the dry erase sleeve. 

  3. Please practice writing your FIRST name with a capital letter followed by lowercase letters. 

  4. ALWAYS practice your letter names and sounds! You are getting so good! 


  1. Ms. Pyle reading the book, Rain

  2. Please read to your child daily.

  3. You can also access https://www.storylineonline.net/ It is an amazing website where actors and actresses read current children's books. 


  1. Please complete set 1 of the cut and paste number jobs I have included in your packet. Have fun and work on those scissor skills. You are doing great! 

  2. Please have your child write their numbers 1-10 daily.  I have included them in the dry erase pocket. Focus on starting numbers at the top and watching for reversals.  

  3. Please have your child count to 20 and beyond! Make it fun! Youtube.com has great songs to mix it up too! 

My Big World-Scholastic News

  1. Each week you will complete a Scholastic News Magazine. Please sit with your child and read the article front to back, asking questions along the way. Then have them complete the activity on the back. If you would like additional online resources such as a video and game that go with the article please visit, 


  1. Log in

  2. I am a Student

  3. Enter our classroom password: PHDKZ3X

  4. Find your article and have fun! 

  5. Additional activities are available to print on this site too!


  1. Please go to our student homepage http://student.mtuesd.org/ and click on  CLEVER. Then you can take a picture of the QR code found on your yellow name tag or air balloon bookmark. Once you have logged in, please select the application called FRECKLE. Use this as enrichment for math and reading skills. We recommend 15 minutes a day. 

Resources for learning games


Search: Listen and Move - this is a favorite and gets them up and moving!  

Search: Alphabet Dance - KIDS love this! 

Search: Safari Sid - Zoo-phonics letters and sounds


Enter this code: SCHOOL1446 then create a FREE account






News & Resources-Play of the Day 

Rainbow, Default, Colors

Oh, Rainbow

Tune: "Oh, Christmas Tree"

Oh, rainbow, oh, rainbow,

How lovely are your colours.

Oh, rainbow, oh, rainbow,

How lovely are your colours.

Purple, red and orange, too,

Yellow, green and blue so true.

Oh, rainbow, oh, rainbow,

How lovely are your colours.